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10 Goes Live

In late October 2010, Rosodigital Creative Solutions was commissioned to revise the Night Optics USA website & company image. We immediately saw a need to update the looks and functionality of their website which was about 5 years old and also all of their ad & marketing materials.

Early in the process we proposed several options for their website new design before settling on something that was all that they were looking for.


Screenshot of Night Optics USA Homepage redesign

Refreshed and ready to grow

Night Optics USA is a manufacturer for Night Vision and Thermal Imaging equipment. They have hundreds of dealers all over the world so their goal was to take the website and company in a whole new direction. The focus going forward is to shift away from a retail website into a corporate site with ecommerce as a secondary. Their goal is to empower their dealers and distributers by improving their own visibility as a company.

To learn more about Night Optics USA and their products click here



I love wordpress. I have been trying to find time to design a site for my baby girl with no real success. Today I finally found a WP theme that I like and have spent the last several hours setting it up. I am pretty happy with… just need to add more content. new pictures coming soon…

The Theme is called: Infinity