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Greenage – 10 Tips to save money & the planet

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Rosodigital is participating actively in the green movement. We have come up with an idea to help inform others about some of the various steps that can be taken to help make our planet a better, cleaner place to live.

Being green isn’t just about recycling anymore, it involves so much more and will continue to expand as we find cleaner, cheaper and more efficient ways to live.

We will outline some of the steps that were taken here in our office to make our operations more green. Many of these tips can be applied in nearly any office environment as well as at home. The goal is to educate, save money, and most of all save our planet from further harm.

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1. Use florescent or LED lighting – Its more energy efficient and lasts longer

2. Use natural light during the day – If available, cools and saves electricity

3. Turn off unneeded lights – Its wasted power, wasted money & bulb life

4. Unplug anything not in use – Even if you think its off, it may still draw power

5. Use Energy Star approved products – They run more efficiently. less power, less

6. Hibernate or shut down computers – Extends hardware life & saves electricity

7. Reduce | Reuse | Recycle – Healthy for the environment & the wallet

8. Avoid Plastic Bags at the grocery – They are absolutely pointless

9. Properly maintain your car – Good maintenance preserves efficiency

10. Spread the word – Educate others, a little word goes a long way.. GREEN


Rosodigital Launches Big WebSite Update

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Over the course of the last month and change we have been retooling our website design. Our goals were simple. Cleaner look, more functionality, more expandability, convenience & substance. Utilizing some new features with the help of jQuery we are able to display interactive elements for our users without the need to click & open new windows or boxes. Though this is nothing new, we believe that this element will save our viewers valuable time. We also added a header & footer complete with all of the links currently available on our website which will make navigation much easier. There are a host of new features to talk about but none of that really matters without clients to provide service to.

New for 2009: design promotions ~ we are rolling out new incentives that will greatly benefit new, current & even non-clients. Here is the breakdown!

  1. *Get $50 CASH for each of your referrals
  2. Our premium all inclusive web hosting is now only $99/year was $144/year
  3. Beautiful websites from scratch – starting at only $499
  4. 1 year FREE web hosting + 1 month FREE maintenance with design packages over $999

* for details on our promotions click here

If you are looking for a reasonably priced web designer contact Rosodigital.



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The Good, the bad & the savior…
Monday, July 20, 2009 | Rolando Petit

So you have a website or are looking to get one online but don’t know where to start. Many people just like you are in the same situation. There are several options available to get your website online, though some are definitely better than others. There are ultra cheap or free methods & services which are great if you really don’t care about ads, popup’s, your web address (domain name) or how your website looks. There are templates & preformatted website’s but in the end you have s sterile, unoriginal site that shares the same design with possibly hundreds of others that have taken the same route. You can attempt to design it yourself, which can become seriously overwhelming very fast or lastly, you can hire a professional that knows exactly what do, enabling you to devote your valuable time to more important things… Read More