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I Miss Steve Jobs!

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A year ago today Steve Jobs (Apple) died after a years long battle with pancreatic cancer. For those of you that own an iPod or and iPhone or pretty much any Apple product, you can tell there is a little something different about the craftsmanship and the design and the way it works. Steve took complicated, clunky things and pushed his people to reinvent them, make them better, more simple and elegant. Beautiful! His products functioned in a way that you didn’t need a masters degree to use them. They just work. Easily! Steve, throughout his life strived to be a pioneer in everything he did. He surrounded himself with the best and most talented people resulting in the amazing marketing machine that is Apple. As a marketing & creative director I look to Apple and Steve Jobs for inspiration. I am better at what I do because I take a little extra time to consider some of the questions that Steve would ask himself about a product and its design. How does this work to someone who has never used it? How does it feel? Do the materials and the design evoke a sense of quality? How much more can this be simplified?

I admire that he would push his people beyond what they thought they could do. Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs left his mark on the world and on me! Since his death I paid tribute to his legacy with his image on my Facebook cover photo. Its a small gesture but I vowed to leave it there for one year. Today (10/5/12) I’ll change it, but I don’t want anyone to forget. Nearly every Apple product that you have owned was in some way touched by Steve Jobs.