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I Miss Steve Jobs!

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A year ago today Steve Jobs (Apple) died after a years long battle with pancreatic cancer. For those of you that own an iPod or and iPhone or pretty much any Apple product, you can tell there is a little something different about the craftsmanship and the design and the way it works. Steve took complicated, clunky things and pushed his people to reinvent them, make them better, more simple and elegant. Beautiful! His products functioned in a way that you didn’t need a masters degree to use them. They just work. Easily! Steve, throughout his life strived to be a pioneer in everything he did. He surrounded himself with the best and most talented people resulting in the amazing marketing machine that is Apple. As a marketing & creative director I look to Apple and Steve Jobs for inspiration. I am better at what I do because I take a little extra time to consider some of the questions that Steve would ask himself about a product and its design. How does this work to someone who has never used it? How does it feel? Do the materials and the design evoke a sense of quality? How much more can this be simplified?

I admire that he would push his people beyond what they thought they could do. Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs left his mark on the world and on me! Since his death I paid tribute to his legacy with his image on my Facebook cover photo. Its a small gesture but I vowed to leave it there for one year. Today (10/5/12) I’ll change it, but I don’t want anyone to forget. Nearly every Apple product that you have owned was in some way touched by Steve Jobs.


Miva Merchant features

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Miva Merchant features

Its a great honor to see one of our designed recognized by the platform creator. Lots of work went into the project but the rewards unfold almost daily. Thanks for having a look!

10 Goes Live

In late October 2010, Rosodigital Creative Solutions was commissioned to revise the Night Optics USA website & company image. We immediately saw a need to update the looks and functionality of their website which was about 5 years old and also all of their ad & marketing materials.

Early in the process we proposed several options for their website new design before settling on something that was all that they were looking for.


Screenshot of Night Optics USA Homepage redesign

Refreshed and ready to grow

Night Optics USA is a manufacturer for Night Vision and Thermal Imaging equipment. They have hundreds of dealers all over the world so their goal was to take the website and company in a whole new direction. The focus going forward is to shift away from a retail website into a corporate site with ecommerce as a secondary. Their goal is to empower their dealers and distributers by improving their own visibility as a company.

To learn more about Night Optics USA and their products click here


Greenage – 10 Tips to save money & the planet

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Rosodigital is participating actively in the green movement. We have come up with an idea to help inform others about some of the various steps that can be taken to help make our planet a better, cleaner place to live.

Being green isn’t just about recycling anymore, it involves so much more and will continue to expand as we find cleaner, cheaper and more efficient ways to live.

We will outline some of the steps that were taken here in our office to make our operations more green. Many of these tips can be applied in nearly any office environment as well as at home. The goal is to educate, save money, and most of all save our planet from further harm.

Support The Cause:
Use this logo in your email signatures, websites, and anywhere else you can think to put it.. Spread the word!

right-click & save as

1. Use florescent or LED lighting – Its more energy efficient and lasts longer

2. Use natural light during the day – If available, cools and saves electricity

3. Turn off unneeded lights – Its wasted power, wasted money & bulb life

4. Unplug anything not in use – Even if you think its off, it may still draw power

5. Use Energy Star approved products – They run more efficiently. less power, less

6. Hibernate or shut down computers – Extends hardware life & saves electricity

7. Reduce | Reuse | Recycle – Healthy for the environment & the wallet

8. Avoid Plastic Bags at the grocery – They are absolutely pointless

9. Properly maintain your car – Good maintenance preserves efficiency

10. Spread the word – Educate others, a little word goes a long way.. GREEN


Rosodigital Launches Big WebSite Update

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Over the course of the last month and change we have been retooling our website design. Our goals were simple. Cleaner look, more functionality, more expandability, convenience & substance. Utilizing some new features with the help of jQuery we are able to display interactive elements for our users without the need to click & open new windows or boxes. Though this is nothing new, we believe that this element will save our viewers valuable time. We also added a header & footer complete with all of the links currently available on our website which will make navigation much easier. There are a host of new features to talk about but none of that really matters without clients to provide service to.

New for 2009: design promotions ~ we are rolling out new incentives that will greatly benefit new, current & even non-clients. Here is the breakdown!

  1. *Get $50 CASH for each of your referrals
  2. Our premium all inclusive web hosting is now only $99/year was $144/year
  3. Beautiful websites from scratch – starting at only $499
  4. 1 year FREE web hosting + 1 month FREE maintenance with design packages over $999

* for details on our promotions click here

If you are looking for a reasonably priced web designer contact Rosodigital.



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The Good, the bad & the savior…
Monday, July 20, 2009 | Rolando Petit

So you have a website or are looking to get one online but don’t know where to start. Many people just like you are in the same situation. There are several options available to get your website online, though some are definitely better than others. There are ultra cheap or free methods & services which are great if you really don’t care about ads, popup’s, your web address (domain name) or how your website looks. There are templates & preformatted website’s but in the end you have s sterile, unoriginal site that shares the same design with possibly hundreds of others that have taken the same route. You can attempt to design it yourself, which can become seriously overwhelming very fast or lastly, you can hire a professional that knows exactly what do, enabling you to devote your valuable time to more important things… Read More


Rosodigital = WINNER!!!!!

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And the Winner is…

What a great week this has been! We have seen so many positives here at Obama, Hamilton, and now we can claim victory, though on a much smaller scale. Our Web Hosting partner Millennium Systems holds contests from time to time for their design partners. Its their way of saying thanks for keeping business flowing with happy customers. In the 4.5 years that we have enjoyed our partnership, have entered a few contests with little luck. On Thursday, November 6th 2008, we claimed victory. MS {Millennium Systems} decided that their t-shirt design needed a revamp. Rosodigital stepped in with 5 designs, then we waited. The announcement, to be made on November 1, was overshadowed by the excitement of the Presidential Elections, so we didn’t receive the news until Thursday. 

While its great to win something we are more happy that our design will be circulated throughout the world to MS customers. 

So what did we win. We got our choice of an Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch or a gift card to some other gadget retailer. 

[poll id=”11″]

I want to say thanks to Brad Davis & all of the guys @ Millennium Systems for being the best hosting company ever. Even after nearly 5 years, I could not be happier. 

Other designs not chosen //




I love wordpress. I have been trying to find time to design a site for my baby girl with no real success. Today I finally found a WP theme that I like and have spent the last several hours setting it up. I am pretty happy with… just need to add more content. new pictures coming soon…

The Theme is called: Infinity


My Final Transition from PC to Mac

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So as many know I have been hard at work to get my household swapped over from PC based to Apple based. So far everything has gone exceptionally smooth. I owe a great deal of credit to my general computer genius which helped me breeze through things that most would have just given up on.

Here is a before shot of my makeshift work area that I was using for about a month while all that junk was for sale:


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