My Final Transition from PC to Mac

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So as many know I have been hard at work to get my household swapped over from PC based to Apple based. So far everything has gone exceptionally smooth. I owe a great deal of credit to my general computer genius which helped me breeze through things that most would have just given up on.

Here is a before shot of my makeshift work area that I was using for about a month while all that junk was for sale:


What a mess right. this is the downsized, unplugged version of my old setup, and its still a mess. The entire system sucked over 1000 watts fairly constantly, had about 35 wires snaking all over, and was just big and ugly. Not representative of me or the type of business I run.

After visiting my cousin in NYC in May, I got to see first hand that the iMac was powerful enough to handle my graphics software and normal everyday needs. The all in one design consumed a max of 280 watts at peak, and was elegant…. sexy even.

I did not want to invest another $2500 straight up to switch over from PC to Mac so I decided to put “Everything” up for sale.

in the time leading up to me selling “that old crap” I mapped out exactly what I wanted to do with my home network and computing system.

A little background - I had been jumping back and forth between vista and XP, I was tired of both, but they ran smoothly on my equipment. windows or systems running through windows was loading up my network, even when not downloading causing my modem to crash often.

Primary iMac
Secondary MacBook Pro – both with the ability to screen share or remotely access eachother.

Time Capsule – “The wireless cloud” – bluetooth keyboard and mouse;
an HP wifi All in one printer and Time Capsule wireless router/storage device.

Note: I hacked the time capsule to act as a wireless external hardrive, while leaving space for backing up the computer via Time Machine. This is kinda sorta, not that easy, but it is worth voiding the warranty. Having this device makes it possible keep my large photography files, graphics & old or retired projects, etc off of my iMac’s hard drive and easily accessible from any device connected to my network, including the iphones.

So with Wireless success achieved I picked up a new more comfortable desk last weekend and this is the finished product…I like the iMacs internal speakers, but I love the deep full sound of big speakers. The only problem is the wire clutter…So I’m fighting an internal battle…Should I ditch the speakers in favor of clutter free bliss or deal with it and enjoy my sounds. I’m torn.

still a bit cluttered but I’m working on it. I couldn’t be happier…Apple makes great products and I love my gadgets.

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